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    Inspiring Life Change.

    I’ve always loved helping people and changing lives. I'm obsessed with anything craft related, textures, fabrics, paints....anything arty really. I'm a musician and a singer too. In order to fulfil my passions of being a creative artist I have several income streams that allow me the time to do that. Do take a look across them all, you may find something that helps you or helps someone else you know.

    I am very much in to natural living, holistic health and only using natural products in our house and on our bodies, (apart from the teeny bit of bleach and hair dye at the top!!) as well as eating mainly vegetarian/vegan. As a recovering alcoholic of 10 years I've been more aware of my life choices in the past few years and made very conscious decisions about what I use, which companies I support and also thinking about doing my bit for the planet. I love personal development and do lots of reading, listening to TED talks/podcasts, and generally learning new skills. I am a volunteer business mentor, having had close on 25 years of retail management experience and customer service has fared me well in all my following jobs as a result of that, and I like to share that knowledge with others.

    I am married for the 2nd time, a mum to two adults, step mum to a daughter, and nanny Han to 4 grandsons! Our lives are very busy!


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    VoxxLife Wearable Neurotech

    When I was introduced to VoxxLife in October 2019 it was like a gift from heaven, it was exactly the sort of natural, holistic product I'd been looking for that didn't involve shakes/pills/liquid to do the job of natural healing. It was socks, insoles and patches that had a special pattern that tapped in to the sensory nervous system to activate the brain neurons to work in homeostasis, perfect balance. This year I've been able to help people with many different health issues, including alzheimers, parkinsons, dementia, autism, ADHD, aspergers, arthritis, MS, strokes, diabetes, fibro myalgia, FND, tumours, injuries, post operations, vaccine injury and much more! To see people walking in to wellness, one step at a time, without any medical intervention is simply wonderful, not to mention life changing for most of these people. The offer on the website of by 2 and get 1 free means you can have 1 to wear, 1 to wash and 1 to share or have as a spare. 


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    Utility Warehouse

    When I found myself as a single mother in 2010 I suddenly needed to pay all the bills myself, and I knew I was going to have to move often because I was renting. I came across UW early in the spring of 2011 and came on board as a customer, saving around £25 a month, and cashback from my shopping off my bills too. This made all the difference to the things I could offer my children, I didn't have to say no anymore! A UK based multi utility provider, they're voted for the 2nd time as the Best Utility Brand of the Year by Which? magazine and have over 30 awards too. They have a central head office and call centre in London, are a PLC FTSE250 business, regulated and licensed by Ofcom and Ofgem, and work on referrals only. As a customer you can save money on your phone, broadband, mobile, and energy services, all on one bill with one direct debit, and one password for your account. Savings, simplicity and service is what UW are all about, and you get ME to help you too! They have a unique cashback card which you top up with money from your bank, spend it as normal and earn cashback off your bills from your every day shopping and spending. Other free benefits are available to fully qualified customers, why not drop me a message to see if you qualify? Their green credentials blow any competition out of the water too!




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